Turning Spare Parts Into Cash

Spare parts. Critical when you need them but money sitting on your shelves eating up resources when you don’t. Many times spare parts rooms are full of unneeded, unused and obsolete parts. Many of these parts are from machines and equipment that are no longer even used. Or maybe there are quantities of the same parts that will never be used as the life cycle for these parts are longer than anticipated and now you have enough spares to last 20 years. In some cases you may have spare parts on your storeroom shelves that no one even knows what machines or operations they are used on. Maybe someone purchased the wrong parts years ago and they were never returned. What we do know is this: unneeded spare parts take up usable space and continue to depreciate in value.

The good news is that there is a way to reclaim the space and recoup some of the investment for these spare parts. Select Recovery Services buys spare parts. Our business is to redeploy surplus industrial assets from shelf-eaters into viability. We pay for your excess clearing up valuable shelf and floor space plus giving you some capital that you can use to purchase needed spare parts and materials, for upgrades and improvements or just simply as bottom line profit. Here’s how it works:

  1. You identify unneeded spare parts and materials

  2. You create an inventory list with some photos

  3. You send us the list and photos (unless the volume is so big you need us to do a site visit and inventory the items ourselves.)

  4. We make a proposal to purchase the items.

  5. We agree on the proposal and we send you the money.

  6. You pack up the items and ship to us or on large projects we bring our experienced team in and pack up the items and ship under your supervision.

Select Recovery Services can come do site visits when the potential volume of surplus is too much for you to commit time and labor to. We can come in and do an inventory on your surplus and give you a proposal for purchase. What do we purchase you might be wondering? Select Recovery Services buys most industrial parts (except specialty OEM type or custom made components) such as: bearings, electrical (including sensors, motor starters, breakers, electrical distribution equipment, fuses, etc), machine controls, PLC, servo, circuit boards and modules, valves, safety equipment, and much more. If you have surplus, call and talk to us about it.

We know time is money. And space can be money. But we also know money is money. Turning your unused surplus assets into cash can do things for you, creating space and eliminating clutter at the same time. Think of all of the places where your company, factory or business stores spare parts. How long have you seen the same full shelves? Select Recovery Services even has a service where we bring in a team and actually clear out and clean catch all shelving and rooms. You take everything you need first and we come in and make everything else go away leaving you with ready, useable space. Contact us about how this service might work for you. We all hate to get rid of things. That why our garages, basements and junk drawers are full. But keeping unneeded spare parts and equipment can be costing you in more ways than one. Let us help give you a fresh start and put some cash in your hand. Select Recovery Services – we turn surplus into assets.

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